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Value Propositions for all

Jack Hayball joins Stuart Astill on the strategyandevidence podcast online. They discuss value propositions, (predictably) evidence & strategy and, in a gentle diversion, what a consultant should and shouldn’t bring to the party. If you want to get further into the topic Jack’s selected reading list is: Articles: – Christensen, C.M,. Johnson, W,. & Kagermann, H. […]

Errors by design

The  coronavirus pandemic has brought questions around testing, and now with the tracing app, algorithm design to a strategic and political audience.In this podcast I look at the fact that ‘errors’ are part of everyday life in testing and apps; and that tests and algorithms are designed by someone to minimise certain errors in a trade-off with others. […]

Pre-thinking around aims

A short ‘audiosnack’ (or podcast if you prefer) drawn from some ideas in a paper by Hans Burckart [‘Sustainable Development and management’] in the book ‘The Economy of Communion‘ (2016 ed. Bruni). This audiosnack covers pre-thinking around aims to prepare for a good session on Step 1 of Understanding Performance (covered in my previous audio). […]