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Extra modules

These extra modules assume that delegates have attended the VfM core course or are familiar and confident with the material of that course.

Half day (3 hours including short break) all special online price at £99 (exc. VAT).

CBA and benefit: cost ratios – a VfM primer: New date TBA 9 June 2021

This course will explain the component parts of cost benefit analysis. Essential considerations when using for VfM analysis and examples of use. Built around UK government Green Book guidance.

Click on following link to book: CBA module – 9 June 2021

VfM within evaluation: options, plans and approaches: 25 May 2021

Covering ongoing and ex-post contexts.

[The VfM within evaluation module assumes that delegates will also have taken the ‘Meaningful metrics’ course or be familiar confident in the areas it covers]

Click on following link to book: VfM within evaluation module – 25 May 2021

VfM in complex and adaptive environments: (Afternoon) 17 May 2021

Challenges and analysis needs under complexity and specifically useful approaches in adaptive management.

Click on following link to book: VfM in complex and adaptive environments module – (afternoon) 17 May 2021