Also available – the VfM core course

Extra modules

These extra modules assume that delegates have attended the VfM core course or are familiar and confident with the material of that course.

All modules via online-hybrid delivery*

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CBA and benefit: cost ratios – a VfM primer – one day module

£185 (exc. VAT)

This course will explain the component parts of cost benefit analysis. Essential considerations when using for VfM analysis and examples of use. Built around UK government Green Book guidance.

VfM within evaluation: options, plans and approaches – half day module

£99 (exc. VAT)

Covering ongoing and ex-post contexts.

[The VfM within evaluation module assumes that delegates will also have taken the ‘Meaningful metrics’ course or be familiar confident in the areas it covers]

VfM in complex and adaptive environments – half-day module

£99 (exc. VAT)

Challenges and analysis needs under complexity and specifically useful approaches in adaptive management.


* Online-hybrid delivery allows you the flexibility to engage with the course presentations at a time that suits your work and life pressures.

Being ‘hybrid’ it also retains the important value-add interactive element through the engaging live-online session(s) consisting of

  • presentation overview and clarification questions,
  • broader Q&A and discussions to extend the learning and put into your work context.

You can also access support via email or a short call with the trainer if you get stuck as you go through the on-demand The on-demand elements are available as videos on this website with a supplied login. If you would like access to a page with short extracts from two of the modules please contact me.

The total content offered is at least equivalent to the ‘fully live’ delivery. The live-sessions would normally be 1.5 hours for the half day modules and 2.5 hours for the full day training.

If you prefer fully live-online or in-person training, please click here for my direct email and get in touch.