Training in open-events or co-created with you and delivered online.

*** Delivered for hundreds of satisfied delegates around the world ***

All our training is built around a fully interactive approach where you can bring your own context, views and questions to complement the existing material and so enhance your learning. Ultimately, all the training responds to your needs by moving further with strategic thinking and using evidence for better decisions to improve and reach your goals.

The approach we take in training is to consider everyone as thought leaders – no matter what their role or function. Strategic and evidence-based approaches enhance everyone’s ability to make a difference. Your training events will enable you to return to your work with a new perspective and think differently about what you do with positive and immediate effect.

Online-blended delivery

Online-blended delivery allows you the flexibility to engage with the course presentations at a time that suits your work and life pressures.

Being ‘blended’ it also retains the important value-add interactive element through the engaging live-online session(s) consisting of

  • presentation overview and clarification questions,
  • broader Q&A and discussions to extend the learning and put into your work context.

You can also access support via email or a short call with the trainer if you get stuck as you go through the on-demand The on-demand elements are available as videos on this website with a supplied login. If you would like access to a page with short extracts from two of the modules please contact me.

The total content offered is at least equivalent to the ‘fully live’ delivery. The live-sessions would normally be 1.5 hours for the half day modules and 2.5 hours for the full day training.

If you prefer in-person training, please click here for my direct email and get in touch – this still happens a lot and offers good value for groups.

Current training dates are in the the green box on the right (web) / at the foot (mobile) of this page.

The courses are suitable for anyone who needs to know about VfM or metrics including those writing grants or proposals, responding to tenders, commissioners, evaluators or those in organisations needing to understand VfM or communicate the VfM of their work to others.

If you are interested in a tailored training session then any of the existing outlines can be reshaped with you to create your event for your organisation. Or if you have a great idea for another subject we can co-create something brand new. You can click here for my direct email and get in touch.