Stuart Astill and his 'strategy and evidence' activity is at the heart of innovative analytical, strategic, policy and operational thinking.


Passionate about working with people who have a strong desire to look honestly at what they do and how they can improve. Create close relationships with clients and act with integrity and authenticity. Will never shy away from challenging people to reach for the best – whilst always warning clearly and strongly to adequately manage risk.


Knowledge and innovation coupled with reliability and risk-management for your projects. Working at the strategic level; grounding metrics, evidence and analysis in everyday reality for non-experts - but with the technical knowledge to make innovative projects a reality.


Over twenty years introducing strategic evidence-based improvement to a variety of UK, EU and international organisations. Strategy and analysis specialism and senior leadership. Also experienced in conceiving and supporting organisation and culture change, relationship and political management.



We can come in to help you understand where you can improve and work with individuals or teams to go through the process of using evidence and stepping up to strategy in a variety of ways.


You can join our open courses on-demand, live-online or in-person. We can work together to develop a tailored in-house content and delivery that suits.


We offer a full range of consulting services at a scale to suit you.

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