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All about the great ‘Welfare State’ economist

I have been honoured by being asked to write a biographical chapter exploring the life and work of Professor Nicholas Barr – friend and mentor – and hugely eminent Professor of Public Economics at the London School of Economics. The chapter details his academic life and his tussles in the world of public policy on […]

CECAN webinar now online

I presented a CECAN webinar with Simon Henderson on evaluating likelihoods and evaluation under uncertainty. The video of this event is now available on line. The original information about the webinar can be found here and the video is here or on youtube.

A talk at the Alliance Francaise in New Delhi

I had a great welcome and a fantastic audience of Indian students who were interested in studying at Sciences Po (IEP, Paris) where I have previously taught on the MPA programme. The talk (details here) was on “Humility and courage: strategy and evidence in our complex world” based on my blog at the CECAN academic […]

The power of networks

Networks, rather than isolation, is the way we really live. So if we look at the world in this way even when we try to simplify and model, we will get better outcomes. Read my piece published at

Cutting through complexity

Last week I attended the inaugural meeting of the key partners for CECAN, the Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity across the Nexus. For those who know several nexii, this one is where energy, water, environment and food intertwine. The range and quality of people contributing to the work of the Centre is dazzling – […]