Coaching to move forward.

I am an experienced coach working with leaders at all levels from operational, policy, corporate service, finance and technical backgrounds. My coaching approach is not rigid or overly technique based – but stems from practice and experience of helping people to get things done.

My coaching offer is simple:
* I will come in to see you (or a small group working on strategic questions)
* I will spend anywhere between an hour and an afternoon with you, either one off or in a series of sessions.
* Supporting you to explore issues and take a step back…
* …I will help you to move into strategic thinking so that you can create and own your solutions.
* You will move forward by structuring ideas around what you know (evidence) and your options.
* Within the structured framework I will help you to maintain a focus on creativity and practicality.

Get in touch with me directly and we can talk about what you are trying to achieve and how I can help you through coaching. Just CLICK here for my direct email and get in touch.